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Explore Charlotte.  Climb a historic lighthouse.  Visit a museum.  Take in the history.  Hear the music.  See the architecture.  Experience the art.

Go to the Public Market. 

​Feel the energy.

VOTE for a Women's History Tour!  

​Visit The National Susan B Anthony Museum & House & Miss Anthony's final resting place at the historic Mt. Hope Cemetery

Learn why NY is the Birthplace of Women's Rights

Rochester's Roots & History

 Landmarks & Architectural Marvels

 George Eastman  Museum & His Notable Influences Around Town
Shop & Stroll the Erie Canal

Wineries, Breweries & Good Conversation!


​​​   Some Tried & True Tours .....

   Girlfriend's Getaway

   Jewish Roots in Rochester's History

   Family Reunion Time

   Mystery Tour

   Naval History at the Port of Rochester

   What's New in Rochester?

   Museums:  Our GEMS Galore

   Innovation in Rochester

   The Prospective Resident Tour (for

        Job Seekers & Students)                     

   Rochester Highlights

   Summer Sizzler

   Festival Season

   Sports Spectacular

   You Say You Love History?

Need some ideas for a customized tour? . . .